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Question: What do I need to have in place to become a responsible Texas Nonsubscriber?
-    A written comprehensive workplace safety program
-    A written Benefit Plan
-    Funding
-    A Dispute Resolution plan

Question: Are nonsubscriber programs regulated?
Answer: Yes, nonsubscriber programs are regulated by both state and local agencies and laws. Here are some of them:
o    Federal: Employee Retirement Income Security Act or ERISA
o    Federal: Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)
o    State: Section 406.033 of the Texas Labor Code and Section 406.052(b) of the Texas Labor Code

Question: How can a Texas Nonsubscriber handle injury claims?
-    Determine the cause of an injury
-    Maintain effective communications with any third party claims administrator
-    Ask for regular reports to make sure claims are being handled appropriately

Question: When should a Texas Nonsubscriber introduce an employee to the safety program and benefit program?
-    Immediately upon hire
-    Need to have the employee sign for receipt of the document

Question: How often should a Texas Nonsubscriber review the safety program and benefit program with employees
-    It depends upon how often you make changes. More frequent changes require increased frequency of review
-    If a major change, like a new insurance carrier or new benefit package is added, right away after the change is in place